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Winter Necessities

It looks like winter has finally arrived in the Lone Star State. With low temperatures, many Houstonians, including us, are bundling up and looking for a Goode stick-to-your-ribs meal to keep us warm. When temperatures start to drop in Texas, there are a handful of items Texans need to help us brave the winter weather.  We don’t know about y’all, but our winter necessities include grilling gloves, a coffee mug, a bowl of venison chili and a fire pit.


The BBQ-ing must go on. It doesn’t matter if it’s 110 degrees or 10 below; we’re grilling and smoking BBQ all year long. Our grilling gloves not only protect our hands from the heat of our mesquite embers when we’re flipping, grabbing and moving our food around in the smoker but they also come in handy when we’re building our winter fires. We might only get a handful of freezing nights, but when the temperature does drop, we’re building a fire. So whether we’re outside manning the smoker, starting a fire in the fireplace or setting up our grill, you bet we have a pair of Neoprene Grilling Gloves close by to help us get the job done.

Coffee Cup and Pie

When it’s chilly outside, we’re eating chili inside. Not just any chili, we’re eating venison chili from our Armadillo Palace to be exact. Even our friends at the Houston Press agree that cold weather outside is your cue to come warm up with a bowl of the scratch-made Goode stuff. We have plenty of deer meat from hunting season, so we put it to good use come wintertime. Not only does it taste delicious, but it’s also a hearty meal that will keep you full and warm for the rest of the afternoon.

Armadillo Palace Venison Chili

Our last winter necessity brings all our other items together. We would not be able to fully enjoy our few cold nights without our fire pit. It’s the perfect reason to gather friends and family to enjoy the winter season.

Winter comes and goes quickly down here in the south. When it does arrive, we keep our necessities close by so we’re ready to enjoy the season. 

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