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What You Need to Know About Giving Meat as a Holiday Gift


Are you thinking about giving the gift of meat this year? It’s a popular choice for employees, clients, and even family members. Of course, if you really want to put a smile on someone’s face you can’t order from just anyone.

Whether you’re looking at ordering a savory smoked turkey or boldly sending out a package of smoked ribs we’ve got the answers about how to evaluate any company who claims to cook and ship meat for the holidays.

Just follow these guidelines when trying to decide who you’ll do business with. After all, it would be very disappointing if the recipients of your gift end up with something that tastes just like a lump of coal.

Make sure the meat is shipped fresh.

It’s simple science…freezing meat changes its flavor. Ice crystals form inside the muscle, breaking it down and ensuring that it never looks, smells, or tastes the same way ever again.

We ship our meat in a special cooler that ensures that it remains safe for you to eat. However, it is never, ever frozen because we want to maintain that authentic Texas taste. Keep in mind that most of the places that you’ll be ordering your meat from won’t do this. It’s cheaper to freeze the meat and ship it out regardless of the impact on the taste. But why give a gift of dry, tasteless meat?

Make sure the meat is cooked properly.

This is especially important if you’re sending meat because you’re trying to help out a displaced Texan!

For example, if you’re sending smoked ribs then you should know that we smoke ours over a big smoker. We do this for hours. We’re allergic to taking shortcuts or doing it fast, because slow-smoking the meat over mesquite (not over charcoal or some other substitute) is the only way to get the flavor that Texans love.

You also have to navigate a slew of “meat myths” to get to the bottom of how the meat should look, taste, and smell. For example, many marketers wax poetic about how their smoked ribs fall right off the bone. Unfortunately, meat that falls off the bone is likely to be pretty terrible. If your meat is literally falling off the bone it was either pre-boiled or overcooked.

The meat selection matters.

We only select the highest grades of meat that we’ve determined are perfect for smoking. You can’t take a Grade D meat and expect to get Grade A results. (Want to read more about meat science? Take a look at this guide to USDA beef quality and yield grades from Texas A&M’s Department of Animal Science).

Using high-quality cuts of beef ensures incredible results each and every time. If you’re considering a competitor, then inquire closely into their meat selection methods. Their products may be cheaper because they’re not using great cuts of beef. If they don’t mention the meat grade, then there’s a good chance that they may be using lower quality meats to keep prices attractive.

Don’t try to make your own.

There’s a place for handmade gifts, but…not when it comes to meat. Unless you have an authentic smoker and a lot of time you simply are not going to create the kind of flavor that is truly going to excite and delight the people on your list. Creating the perfect barbeque brisket is a little bit different from throwing some hot dogs on your back yard grill. And we know you don’t want to hand stuff sausage, like we do!

We’ve got over 38 years of experience, special barbeque spice blends and plenty of time to create the tastes that people absolutely crave. We also deliver each order on time and in perfect condition.

Order early.

The earlier you place your order the more likely it is to get there on time. Remember, just about everyone is going to be slammed by the time early December rolls around.

One nice thing about ordering corporate gifts is that you’ve got some wriggle room. You can start sending gifts to employees or clients a week or two before the actual holiday. If you’re giving your Mom the gift of a kitchen-free holiday, then pre-ordering is wise: it ensures you’ll all be able to sit down and eat on the day of your choice.

Meat is one of the most appreciated gifts you can give.

Assuming you’re not shopping for vegetarians, of course! If you’re shopping for vegetarians check out our pralines, or pie, instead.

However, sending authentic Texas barbeque is a great way to shop for:

  • Your dad, who wants something other than a tie.
  • Your employees, who you don’t know very well.
  • For that relative that seems to have everything.
  • Your nephew in college who is always hungry anyway.
  • Your clients, if you really want to impress them.

Think about it—you don’t have to shop at the mall for hours at a time. You don’t have to worry for days on end about whether or not they’re going to like or appreciate the meat. Who doesn’t enjoy eating amazing food? You can even order the gifts online. You might just have all of your shopping done before Thanksgiving this year, which means you can kick back and relax while everyone else is out there rushing around and indulging in all that Black Friday nonsense. And if you’re going to give a food gift, you want to give something that people would want to eat every day…not strange little jelly jars, obscure cheeses, dry little crackers and incredibly hard sausages that have been sitting in a warehouse for who knows how long.


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