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Texas Turkey Hunting

From now through early May, avid hunters around Texas will be dusting off their camouflage, turkey calls and shotguns getting ready to take down some spring birds. 


Before you head out, you’ll need to know a few things. Here are our tips for a successful hunt.

Whether you’re on private, public or hunting lodge grounds, make sure you’ve scouted a good place to start your hunt. Take a stroll around the land and look for signs of a turkey habitat including feathers and/or droppings to narrow down your hunting area. Turkeys often return to similar areas, so you are better off camping out near one of their familiar spots.

It’s extremely important to blend in as much as possible during turkey season since the birds have powerful vision. From hats to face masks and socks, make sure you are covered in head to toe in camouflage. Depending on the foliage around you, choose the colors and patterns of your camouflage wisely to minimize your chance of being seen.


Having a good call and knowing when it’s time to call are critical factors for a successful turkey hunt. There are a variety of calls available and we recommend practicing on multiple types so you can see which styles suit you best.  We also recommend bringing a few different options on your hunt, as different birds will respond to different calls. Turkeys are smart creatures and can often be scared away if too many calls are used, so use them sparingly.


Happy hunting, folks!

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