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Texans Playoff Time

Well y’all, it’s a very special time in Houston because our Texans are in the playoffs! The boys shook up Reliant Stadium last Saturday and beat the Bengals 13 to 19 in their first game of the playoff series. Now they’ll continue on the road to the Super Bowl XLVII and take on the Patriots in New England Sunday at 3:30. This is going to be one heck of a game! I suspect y’all will be watching, so I’d like to share some tips on how to have the best watch party possible.

You folks probably already know this, but libations are essential to having a fun party. Personally, I like to serve frozen margaritas with Patron or go all out and get a keg to chill in my kegorator for my guests. Two of my favorite brewers are Saint Arnold and Shiner, and let me tell y’all, their beers are even more delicious (if that’s even possible!) from a keg.

Now let’s talk about food. You can’t watch football without it, and we have the Goode stuff. When I have friends over for a game, I choose to prepare things they can eat with their hands. Some of my favorite snacks are slow smoked ribs, chips with queso and guacamole, build-your-own brisket sandwiches with jalapeño cheddar bread, nachos, sliced sausage, empanadas and pecan pralines. Just make sure you have napkins ready, because these finger foods can get messy. When my buddies come over for games, I buy both food and napkins in bulk, because those guys have rather large appetites and even larger spills.

If you want a prime example on how to throw a party, take notes from our Ultimate Watch Party winner, Chris. This weekend, he’s planning a party for the Texans game using his contest prizes: a kegorator and The Pride of Sam Houston Meat Package, which includes brisket, ribs, two types of sausage, jalapeño cheese bread, BBQ sauce and a pecan pie.

I hope y’all have fun watchin’ the game Sunday and cheerin’ on our Texans! And don’t forget, if you’re not up for having your own watch party, head on over to the Armadillo Palace where the TV’s are big, the drinks are cold and the company is Goode.

Watch out, New England, because the ‘Bulls are on Parade!’


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