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Famous Texans: Who Are They

Quick wit and sharp shooters, Texans are in a league of their own and aren’t afraid of a little adventure. We’re putting y’all to the test with a new Texas-proud quiz by pairing these interesting facts with the appropriate Texas legend. Match the number from the fact lists with the letter from the Texas legends […]

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Texas History Quiz, Part Two

Texas Flag

It looks like y’all enjoyed our first Texas History Quiz, so we’re rounding up some more Texas trivia for part two. Let’s see how well you know Texas, folks. Write down your answers and scroll to the bottom to see how well you did. 1. Gruene Hall is: a. The biggest library in Texas b. The […]

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Texas Turkey Hunting

From now through early May, avid hunters around Texas will be dusting off their camouflage, turkey calls and shotguns getting ready to take down some spring birds.  Before you head out, you’ll need to know a few things. Here are our tips for a successful hunt. Land Whether you’re on private, public or hunting lodge […]

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20 Things Texans Love


“You might give some serious thought to thanking your lucky stars you’re in Texas.” With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we’re sharing a handful of the things we love most about the Lone Star State. 1. The Alamo The pivotal piece of Texas history that no Texan could ever forget… Remember the Alamo! Photo from […]

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A Cowboy Christmas Tree

Bandana Christmas Tree

Well folks, we’ve feasted on turkey, served thousands of pecan pies and wrapped up our Cyber Monday deals. It must officially be time to prepare for a Goode Christmas: pull out your holiday wreath, hang your stockings and pick out your Christmas tree. It won’t feel like Christmas without the perfectly trimmed tree, but just […]

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A Nod to Some Notable Texans

School is almost back in session so to get back in the swing of things we’re sharing a short Texas history lesson. Y’all know we’re Texas Proud around these neck of the woods, so to celebrate the Lone Star State, we’re tipping our hats to a few “goode” men who helped shape Texas into the great state […]

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Texas Independence Day

Texas Flag

This Saturday is a very special day in the Lone Star State because it’s Texas Independence Day! If you’re from around here, you know that this day brings out enormous pride in every Texan. For those of y’all who aren’t familiar with the holiday, let me explain: it’s the anniversary of the day Texas got […]

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