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A Rodeo Goers’ Must Dos

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo officially opened yesterday, March 4, and Houstonians everywhere are chomping at the bit to get over to Reliant Park to once again experience the glory of the Rodeo Houston.

There are some classic “must sees,” but there are also a few new exhibits and activities at this year’s Rodeo, so we’re giving y’all the low-down on what to check off your Rodeo “Must Do” list in 2014.

For the full Rodeo experience, check these four activities off your list: food, shopping, livestock and music.

From traditional Texas BBQ to fair food galore, your Rodeo bucket list won’t be complete until you enjoy some Texas eats. Like every year, our BBQ booth is open and serving slow-smoked brisket, turkey, sausage and chicken as well as our famous pecan pie and classic fixings, but Rodeo fare isn’t limited to barbeque. Make sure you come hungry because there are going to be turkey legs, roasted corn on the cob, Tex-Mex offerings, hot dogs, funnel cakes, deep-fried everything and so much more to chow down on.


Rodeo is the perfect place to pick up some classic Texas goods. From cowboy boots to cowhide rugs, anything and everything you could ever want will be available in this one-of-a-kind Western shopping haven. Even if you’re just window shopping, take a stroll through Reliant Center to check out the variety of vendors.


When it comes to livestock at the Rodeo, there are endless options to explore, so we’ll hit some of our favorites. The Birthing Center will give you that warm fuzzy feeling in your heart as you visit the freshly hatched chicks, piglets, calves and lambs. While we’re talking about sheep…If you go to a concert, arrive early so you can watch the kiddos during Mutton Bustin’. Five and six year olds compete to see who can ride a “mutton” the longest. You’ll get some good laughs during that and the Calf Scramble too.


Depending on when you go, we highly recommend you check out some of the shows or horse competitions. If you can’t make it to one of the exhibits, talk a stroll in the Main Arena in Reliant Center to see the champion barrows, lambs, goats and steers in one location.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the nosebleeds or in the front row, a Rodeo Houston concert is like none other and we recommend you attend at least one show this March. The pre-show livestock activities, spinning stage and rockin’ fans transform Reliant Stadium into one heck of a good time. Plus, this year’s lineup is about as good as it gets, y’all.


What’s New
Fisheries: This year they’ve added an exhibit that highlights commercial fishing and aquaculture and its role in the Texas agricultural economy to AGVENTURE land.

We’re Small Y’all Barn: Also new to AGVENTURE, check out the miniature cattle, pigs and goats that call this barn home.

Social Station: Get social with the Rodeo, y’all. Last year the Rodeo was one of the most checked in places in the world. Connect with them at the brand new social station and let’s see if we can make it to the top of the list again this year.

Show Pride: This new history exhibit will highlight the magnificent 82-year journey of Rodeo Houston. Take a second to learn about the many contributions to agriculture, education, entertainment and Western heritage as well as what the committee volunteers do in the new Show Pride exhibit.

There is no short supply of entertainment during the next 18 days! We hope you get a chance to go out and explore this famous Houston tradition. Don’t forget to stop by our booth to say “hi!”

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