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National BBQ Month

May is officially National BBQ Month, which means thousands of our fellow food-loving friends are celebrating the art of outdoor cooking. While we know that barbequing means something entirely different in the Lone Star State than it does throughout the rest of the country, we also know not everyone has a Texas-sized slow smoker in their backyard. That’s why we’re celebrating National BBQ Month by recognizing one of the outdoor cooking techniques nearest and dearest to the Goode Company family: backyard grilling. We’re certain that food tastes better when it comes off a grill, so we’re sharing some of the not so obvious tips to celebrate the month in Goode style. We might even throw in a Levi Goode grilling recipe that is sure to satisfy all our fellow beef fanatics.

TAQ Porkchop

You don’t have to have a Texas-sized grill to be a grill master, folks. In Texas we sometimes forget that not everything has to be big. Although we love a nice large grill that allows us to create various heat zones with charcoal or mesquite chunks, we can get the job done with a simple Hot Pot BBQ. This city-slicker grill is perfect for small spaces and gives you just enough space to grill up a few filets. Not to mention, it’s easy disguised as a flowerpot, which is perfect for hosting a small herb garden. Remember, that even the smallest of grills are capable of beautifully char-grilling a burger or steak.

Hot Pot BBQ Grill

You can’t grill properly, if you’re grill isn’t being cared for appropriately.  Making sure your grill is clean is one of the secrets to good grilling, because last week’s steak seasoning won’t go well with today’s bacon wrapped shrimp. There’s nothing worse than throwing a fish filet on the grill and having it break apart because the grill gate wasn’t cleaned and prepared. Here a few ways to make sure your grill stays in great condition.

First, scrub your grill gates down with a wire brush after each use. If you don’t have a grill scrub, a ball of crumpled aluminum foil has just the right texture to get the job done in a pinch. Make sure to scrape the grill while it is still warm, but after the coals have burned out, to make the job easier. Leftover particles become easier to manipulate when warm.  Secondly, if your grill racks are removable, remove them and rinse down with water for a thorough clean. If they need a deep clean, try using an equal mix of water and white vinegar to remove any remaining stubborn residue. Make sure to let them dry completely before putting them back to avoid rusting. Before you start throwing down your meats and vegetables, make sure the grill has a generous amount of oil to avoid your food from sticking. We also recommend using proper grilling tools including grilling baskets and high-quality brushes to protect and maintain the quality of your grill.


Like we said earlier, food tastes better when it comes off a grill and this Levi Goode beef tenderloin recipe is no exception. Enjoy this recipe with your friends and family during National BBQ Month, y’all, and let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter. For some Levi Goode approved ideas for hosting a backyard BBQ, check out our Backyard BBQ-ing Pinterest board too.


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