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Grandma Goode’s Chocolate Pie

We’ll apologize in advance if you stumbled upon this post on an empty stomach; today (January 23) is “National Pie Day” and we’re more than happy to oblige your pie cravings today (and every day for that matter).

Y’all might be familiar with the story of our famous Brazos Bottom Pecan Pie, but do you know about our other prize-worthy pie? While our pecan lovers sometimes overlook it, Grandma Goode’s Chocolate Pie is made with just as much love and you bet it’s equally as scrumptious as our Brazos Pie.

Grandma Goode's Chocolate Pie

Grandma Goode made her chocolate pie the same as she made her stories: one taste and you were hooked. The characters were always the same– the butter, the cocoa, the farm fresh eggs– but her magical way of mixing and mingling them together could make things come alive like no one else could. (Folks still can’t pinpoint the secret to her captivating concoctions.) Perhaps it was those details she always liked to sprinkle in. Chocolate shavings. Toasted almonds. We’ll never tell, actually, because what’s a chocolate cream pie without a little extra fluff?

We serve this family favorite along side our pecan pie in all seven of our restaurants and, if you haven’t had a chance to sink your teeth into this perfectly balanced masterpiece yet, you should head on over now. Not only can you order our chocolate pie by the slice, but these fluffy convections are also available for you to take home whole for the entire family to enjoy.

Goode Company Pies

Whether you’re biting into a gooey piece of pecan pie or a smooth forkful of chocolate pie, we hope you’ll satisfy your pie craving the Goode way today!

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