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Gourmet Food Gifts From Goode Company

It is always an ideal time to order gourmet food gifts to bestow upon your dinner hosts, family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors and others who deserve a delicious treat. Some of the best gourmet-style gift options, with a distinctively Texan flair, are the smoked meats, dessert items and other tasty products offered by Goode Company.


Over the years, Goode Company has earned a reputation in Texas as a top-level restaurant and catering company, spreading table after table of sumptuous cuisine in a timely and professional manner. Goode’s delivery food gift products are no less delicious and are brought to your door in the 48 contiguous U.S. states in top condition and within a reasonable time frame.

Some of the most popular Goode food gifts include:

1. Smoked Pork Rib Racks

Goode’s slabs of barbeque pork ribs are a wonderful treat at any time of year. Ribs are a summer classic and are also a welcome delicacy during the colder months. Goode ribs are hand-seasoned and mesquite-smoked, resulting in tender, succulent and juicy pork.

Goode’s two-rib-rack package also comes with a bottle of their signature BBQ sauce and a loaf of their incomparable jalapeño cheese bread. The ribs arrive ready to heat and serve, so brush on some sauce while the ribs warm on low. Then, broil or cook center-grill for the last few minutes and brush on another thin coating of sauce just before serving. Re-heating in this manner will render sizzling, saucy ribs that remain tender and juicy on the inside.

3. Smoked Texas BBQ Brisket

Few foods are more quintessentially Texan than barbequed beef brisket. Goode slow-smokes briskets to perfection the Texas way, rather than rushing the process and compromising the flavor, appearance, and juicy tenderness.

Goode never freezes their briskets or other smoked meats and sends them straight from their BBQ pit to your doorstep. They vacuum seal the meat to maximally preserve freshness, making re-heating fast and simple.

4. Smoked Sausages

Goode Company has been stuffing and smoking sausages for decades and have mastered the art. They make a Czech-style pork and beef mix sausage from fresh-ground meat, and they take their time smoking it. Their sausages are large, plump and uniquely flavored, making them an excellent gift item.

5. Rubs, Sauces and Spices

You can order spice and sauce sets that give you the opportunity to cook with the same signature flavor enhancers that Goode itself uses on its smoked meats. Available BBQ sauces include Original, Heavy Garlic and Jalapeño, and each sauce comes in a classic longneck beer bottle. Dry spice blends include Fowl Rub, Rib Rub, Mesquite Shake and Brisket Rub.

6. The Perfect Pecan Pie

Even pecan pie connoisseurs who have tasted Goode’s Brazos Bottom Pecan Pie have proclaimed it to be the best pecan pie they have ever tasted. The pecans are not small crumbled bits barely covering an over-sweet filling. Instead, the filling is perfectly balanced, with a generous supply of Brazos River Region pecans heaped on top.

The pies are handcrafted from grandmother Goode’s recipe. Re-heating is easy — simply warm for 20 minutes after pre-heating the oven to 250º F. Also note that the branded, pine wood box that the pies arrive in makes an excellent keepsake.

7. Bags of Pecans

If you love the Brazos Bottom Pecan Pie, you will love snacking on Goode’s delicious bagged Brazos pecans as well. Choose roasted, salted pecans, honey-glazed, or both. These bags are great for small gifts, stocking stuffers and party favors.

8. Texas-Style Pralines

Pralines were originally a French sweet, but they entered Southern culture via the Creole community in New Orleans. Creole cooks began using indigenous pecans instead of almonds in recipes. Goode Company pralines are large, hand-made and deliciously decadent. They are rich, sweet, nutty and creamy in all the right proportions, and you can choose between Original and Chewy—or both.

9. Mesquite-Smoked Turkey (seasonal item)

While most people bake or roast their turkey, many are beginning to discover the distinctive flavor of turkey slow-smoked over a wood fire.

Goode begins by brining turkeys to perfection. Next, the turkeys are cooked and smoked with natural, Texas-sourced mesquite. The result is a meat with a mild but flavorful smokiness, a tender texture moistened with the natural flavors of the bird.

Please note that mesquite-smoked turkey is a seasonal item.

Finding the perfect gift is not always easy, but everyone loves gourmet foods. Goode Company combines culinary excellence with genuine Texas flavor. It carries one of the finest selections of high-quality food gifts available, and with their convenient to-your-door delivery in 48 states, Goode food gifts are easy and practical to give.


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