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Goode’s Sinful Pecan Pralines

I never need an excuse to chow down on one of Texas’ favorite delicacies, but I’ll take National Praline Day on June 24th as a Goode reason to splurge on some sinful praline patties. These pecan pastries, prah-leen or pray-leen, no matter how you pronounce it, will leave you speechless. That’s a Texas truth, y’all.

Goode Praline Delight

Pralines are a Goode family favorite and a treat we’ve been passing around the dinner table since I can remember. We can thank the French for bringing this recipe down south. Back in the 18th century when the French where settling into Louisiana, they took advantage of the ample sugar cane and pecan trees and mixed the two together to create this brittle treat.

Although the recipe has varied over the years, today pralines are most commonly made with pecans, brown sugar, corn syrup, cream and vanilla. Once you find a recipe you like, combine your ingredients and stir them over heat until you reach the perfect consistency and temperature. Be careful when heating your mix; if it gets too hot, the candy could dry out and crumble, but if it doesn’t get cooked long enough, it will turn out too runny. When your mixture is ready, use a large spoon and drop the mix onto wax paper, forming individual patties. Make sure they are nice and large, now. There’s nothing worse than a wimpy lookin’ praline. Let them cool down and when they are nice and hard you can enjoy!

This recipe is not an easy one to master, so we understand if you don’t want to experiment in your own kitchen. Come to Goode Company and we’ll make sure you take home a perfect batch. It takes time to do it right, but we’re dedicated to putting the best food in front of you. Our pralines are truly Texas-sized and full of rich, sweet, southern flavor.

Y’all celebrate National Praline Day in Goode style, which means never sayin’ no to a box of Goode treats.


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