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Goode Grilling for Memorial Day

Summer is almost here and being that it’s National BBQ Month and Memorial Day weekend, it’s a perfect time to line up all the necessary tools and equipment you’ll need for a successful cookout. Here is a list of what I consider to be your essential grilling tools:

Essential Kitchen Tools

Outdoor Flame GrillWide Spatula – For flipping burgers, chicken pieces and vegetables.

Chimney Charcoal Starter – This is a quick and easy way to get your charcoal lit without having to use lighter fluid or handle stacking your charcoal.

Long Handled Tongs – I stress long handled here. The further the distance between your bare skin and the live fire, the better.

Meat Fork – Although I don’t recommend piercing meats when it is on the grill a large meat fork comes in handy when handling whole birds or carving a piece of meat.

Grill Brush – Get one with brass or stainless steel bristles. You will want to get one with a long handle so you can brush while fire is going. Some grill brushes come with replaceable brush heads and I like those the best.

Sauce Pot with Lid – Heat resistant and break resistant for holding finishing sauces or marinades to baste during the grilling.

Basting Brush – Basting your meat in the grill is a great finishing touch that adds a little additional flavor and depth to your grilled meat. I recommend a long handled basting brush with bristles that will hold a good amount of the finishing sauce you are basting on without burning the brush.

Landing Plate – Heat resistant and shatterproof for taking your foods off the grill.

Disposable Pans – They work great and for easy clean up for bringing meat to and from the grill.

Digital Thermometer – I like two different types of thermometers. The digital instant read type that will allow you to get a snapshot reading. My favorite when grilling or smoking larger cuts of meat are the type that has a probe that can be left in the meat and has a braided wire that runs outside the grill to a digital display and allows you to access the temperature throughout the cooking process without raising the lid.

Grilling Grate – This is a metal perforated plate that typically will have a rolled edge to make retrieving food easier. They are designed for cooking small or fragile foods like vegetables or fish. It allows smoke and fire to come in contact with the food without worrying about food falling through the grill grate.

Long Handled Lighter – Always handy around the grill for lighting your charcoal or the occasional cigar.

Small Shovel or Garden Hoe – To spread coals around for a 1, 2 or 3 zone fire.

Barbeque Gloves – There are many gloves that are heat resistant and will protect you against burning your hands when getting the grill ready, or during the grilling process. I suggest leather or the insulated mitt types.

Spray Bottle – I like to keep a spray bottle with water close in case I need to tame the fire from flare ups.

Skewers – They come in all shapes and sizes, metal, wood, and bamboo. If using wood or bamboo soak in water for at least 1 hour before placing food on them. This will keep them from burning up on the grill.


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