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Goode Company Dives Into Gulf Coast Oyster Revival

The history of oyster harvesting in Texas was on the menu at the recent Foodways Texas Annual Symposium held in Galveston last month. We were able to taste oysters from six different reefs, known as “appellations”, and learn more about the recent efforts to revive oyster reef communities in Galveston Bay. These different Texas oyster reefs are largely unheard of, even in the Gulf Coast region, due to the relative notoriety of specific oyster varieties from the Northeast and Northwest region of the United States. The best part about the symposium was tasting oysters from six different Texas appellations. We decided that we had to bring this fantastic oyster tasting experience to our customers. As a result, we are excited to announce that beginning April 4th, Goode Company Seafood will take part in the revival of gulf coast oyster appellations by offering a tasting menu of Galveston Bay Oysters.


We will offer oysters from 12 different appellations in the Gulf Coast from Florida to Aransas Bay in Texas. Our supplier is heavily involved in the revival of these oyster reefs and passionate about making the Bay better and producing better oysters. All our oysters will be hand-picked to ensure you only get the “best of the best”. Customers will immediately recognize and appreciate the incomparable flavors of these oysters that come from a specific area of the Bay and are harvested by a specific boat. Oyster lovers and folks who usually shy away from oysters will notice the delicious difference in these oysters.

There are 31 different appellations in the State of Texas! All of these reefs have been around for many years, from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s when Galveston was a booming city and one of the most prosperous ports in the United States. Oysters were consumed in abundance then, just as they are today. However, over the years the various varieties of Galveston Bay oysters have been underappreciated and simply classified under the general term “Gulf Coast” oysters.

We hope you will join us in the revitalization of the Texas Gulf Coast oyster reefs by visiting one of our seafood restaurants and tasting these incredibly rich and delicious oysters. Hopefully, the specific varieties of our own Galveston Bay oysters will become as well known as those from other parts of the country.


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