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Fall Brews

We’re halfway through October, which means we have finally entered into one of our beloved times of the year: the season of fall beers. We’ve shared our list of BBQ and Beer pairings, but now it is time to give y’all the run down of some of our favorite fall brews. Can y’all say Oktoberfest?

We’ll start with Saint Arnold’s Pumpkinator since it was just released this past Monday, October 13. In fact, we hosted a public tapping at The Armadillo Palace last night to compare the 2012 and 2013 brews side by side. It was good in 2012 and is even better this year. Saint Arnold’s Pumpkinator is an imperial stout brew full of pumpkin spice and flavor. We hear it’s the most expensive beer they have ever brewed, but we’d say it’s worth every penny. Skip the slice of pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving and end the meal with a slice of pecan pie and a bottle of this pumpkin brew instead!

St Arnold Pumpkinator

Saint Arnold’s Oktoberfest is another great way to take in the flavors of fall. Less pumpkin-y than the pumkinator, this brew is on the more full-bodied side and has a malty, sweet taste that does a darn good job of capturing the essence of autumn. Saint Arnold recommends pairing it with some spicy sausage and we definitely agree; the sweetness of this brew balances the spice of our jalapeño sausage perfectly. We love supporting local beer and we can know it’s a heck of a lot easier to get a hold of a six-pack of this than it is the Pumpkinator.

St Arnold Oktoberfest

On the other hand, Shiner’s Oktoberfest is a festive Märzen-style seasonal brew. Traditional Märzen brews are originally brewed in March and kept in cold storage through the spring and summer months. We love the deep amber color and lighter, slightly toasted flavor the Shiner Oktoberfest beer brings to the table. Although it starts out with a somewhat sweet flavor, it fades and finishes with a true hoppy taste. Shiner originally brewed Oktoberfest as the 96th Anniversary flavor in 2005, but ended up adding to the seasonal line-up permanently. We’re so glad they did because it wouldn’t be fall in Texas without at least one case of Shiner Oktoberfest.

Shiner Oktoberfest

Last but not least, Karbach Karbachtoberfest is another Houston seasonal brew that has won a spot in our hearts. Similar to Shiner’s Oktoberfest, this beer is an authentic, Bavarian-style Märzen. You can taste the mix of the Vienna and Munich malts when you take a nice cold sip. Although Karbach is relativity new to the Texas beer scene, we think it’s doing mighty fine and would happily enjoy a Karbachtoberfest on any (fall) day.


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