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A Cowboy Christmas Tree

Well folks, we’ve feasted on turkey, served thousands of pecan pies and wrapped up our Cyber Monday deals. It must officially be time to prepare for a Goode Christmas: pull out your holiday wreath, hang your stockings and pick out your Christmas tree. It won’t feel like Christmas without the perfectly trimmed tree, but just any tree won’t do. We’ll definitely need a Texas-sized and Texas-proud tree.

Since we’re seeing more and more Christmas trees lighting up the windows of houses around the neighborhood, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite Cowboy Christmas trees with y’all.

We’re a big fan of this bandana wrapped tree with a cowboy hat topping. Add a few Rustic Stars at Night ornaments, a bandana tree skirt and a ten-gallon hat and you’re all set.

Bandana Christmas Tree

We’re pretty sure an avid hunter is the brains behind this one-of-a-kind antler tree below. You won’t have to worry about falling pine needles or any branches breaking with this unique tree.

Antler Christmas Tree

We’d like to tip our hat to the genius who crafted this horseshoe tree. You might have to work on your welding skills before this makes it into your living room, but we think it’s definitely a masterpiece any cowboy would be more than happy to claim.

horseshoe Christmas Tree

This “tree” might be a little difficult for the big city folks to locate, but we’re sure you can find a few holiday cactuses across the Lone Star State. Just make sure to wear gloves while you’re wrapping those bright lights around our famous state plant. 

Cactus Christmas Tree

It these trees aren’t fit for a cowboy Christmas, we don’t know what are! If you’ve seen some other unique Texas trees, share them with us on our Facebook page.

Before you go, here’s a little fun fact about our enormous friend from the State Fair, Big Tex. Did you know he was originally a giant Santa Claus in Kerens, TX? It wasn’t until 1952 that he was purchased by State Fair! He looks pretty darn Goode in that Santa suit if you ask us. 

Big Tex Santa

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