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All About Texas Pecan Pie

There’s no doubt that pie is the iconic American dessert. Not only is it traditionally a part of almost every American holiday, but the term “American Pie” has even been used in films and songs. These days, you can find pies in almost every flavor imaginable – from rich, silky cream pies to light and refreshingly luscious […]

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35 Years in the Making, Goode Co. Gives Us Texas Barbeque Done Right

Levi Goode, Owner and President at Goode Company Restaurants, describes their business philosophy as a firm commitment to serving authentic Texas one plate at a time. “To share and to preserve the rich cooking traditions of Texas with the use of time-honored recipes, handmade preparations and quality ingredients,” Goode states is Goode’s mission. Inside the […]

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5 Times Pralines Made Life Sweeter

Hawaii has its chocolate-covered macadamia clusters and saltwater taffy is the signature sweet of New Jersey’s Atlantic City. In Texas, we have pralines packed with pecans and held together with buttery caramel that melts away into a delicious memory. While the exact recipe differs from kitchen to kitchen, Goode Co. believes that like all of the […]

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5 Occasions to Enjoy Texas Pecan Pie

Look at any map of Texas and you’ll notice a river running through the entire state. This river, which runs from the northwest to the southeast of Texas for more than 800 miles, is the mighty Brazos River. Why should we care about it? Because its silt and nutrients nourish the best pecans in the world. Some may […]

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