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Camping Cookin’

Grilled hot dogs, hot-off-the fire s’mores and late night stories with friends and family: just a few reasons why camping is a family tradition around these neck of the woods. Since Houston is hardly a camping mecca, we explore other parts of our great state for some Goode old-fashioned Texas camping.

Although we’re used to slow smokin’ our meats, come camping time we leave the smokers at home and build an open fire in the great outdoors. One of our favorite activities is camping cookin’ and you bet we pack some Goode sausage and all beef hot dogs in our coolers.


If you’re a real cowboy, pick up a long, narrow and sturdy stick, burn the tip and skewer your sausage on a piece of Mother Nature. You can always bring your own skewers if borrowing one from the great outdoors isn’t your style. Hover your skewer over the fire and slowly rotate it until your piece of meat gets browned all the way around. Once your sausage or hot dog has cooked all the way through, slice it, wrap it in a bun or just take a nice big bite and enjoy.

A camping trip is never complete without at least a few s’mores, so make sure you pack plenty of marshmallows, chocolate bars and graham crackers. Whether you like to blacken your mallow or just barely brown it, once you’ve toasted it to perfection, slap it between two graham crackers and a piece of chocolate and enjoy this camping classic dessert. If you’re camping our way, you’ll help yourself to more than one!


What more could you need after enjoying some meat on a stick and some delicious dessert sandwiches? Gather around the fire and enjoy some Texas beer and folk tales with Goode company.



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