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Bluebonnets are Blooming

It wouldn’t be spring in Texas without our state flower, the bluebonnet. It’s blooming is a tradition in it’s own right and every Texan looks forward to seein’ these blue beauties sprout in late March and early April. You know you’re from the Lone Star State when you have numerous family photos set in a field of bluebonnets and you rubberneck at the first site of a blue bud.

The mesmerizing blossom is native to Texas and was adopted as the state flower in 1901. In the 1930s, the Texas Highway Department began a landscaping and beautification program for bluebonnets, which is why they now frame our state’s highways and roads. A lot of people think it’s illegal to pick bluebonnets, but fear not my friends; it’s perfectly legal according to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

While actually pickin’ bluebonnets is legal, there are a few laws that go along with the process of parking to take pictures or look at the flower. As always, you have to follow the basic laws against obstructing traffic, so be careful when you’re slowin’ down on a road and make sure you use your signal! Y’all should know this, but you can’t park on the road or run across lanes of traffic to get to the entrancing bluebonnets.

Though it’s not a law, if you’re from Texas, you should know not to step on bluebonnets and to be respectful of the flower as a common courtesy. Some of the best places to spot the State Flower are Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Waco, Brenham, Ennis and the Texas Hill Country.

Unfortunately, bluebonnets don’t last long. The flower tends to dry out by June, so grab your camera and go revel in their beauty while you can! Happy bluebonnet season, y’all!

Texas Bluebonnets

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