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Beer and BBQ Pairings: Part Two

As promised, we’re talking sausage this week as Levi shares his advice on which Texas brews pair best with some of our favorite slow-smoked barbeque classics. Did you miss last week’s post? Click here to find out what beer pairs best with mesquite smoked brisket.

If you’re thinking about ordering some of our scratch-made jalapeño sausage, consider pairing it with one of our local favorites, Saint Arnold Amber Ale.

Sausage and Ale

Our spicy jalapeño sausage is best paired with a beer that balances out the flavorful spices in the meat. Light lager and amber ales pair nicely with spicy foods; Levi’s personal favorite is Saint Arnold Amber Ale. Saint Arnold Amber Ale has a rich, malty body and fruity and caramel flavors that will help quench your thirst after diving into some fiery sausage. When eating sausage, especially sausages with a kick, avoid beers that are too sweet or very dark because they can overpower the flavors of the food.

Not an Amber Ale fan? Tell us in the comments below what your go-to beer is when you chow down on smoked sausage.

In next week’s blog, Levi will share which brew pairs best with slow-smoked chicken.


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