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Beer and BBQ Pairings: Part One

There are certain pairs in life that just go together. As a match made in Texas food heaven, barbeque and beer are one of those combinations that are meant for one another. Follow along over the next five weeks as Levi shares his advice on which Texas brews pair best with some of our favorite slow-smoked barbeque classics.

As it is only natural to start with the king of Texas Q, Levi’s brew of choice to couple with our mouth-watering brisket is a stout or bock beer.

Brisket and Shiner (1)

Levi’s beer of choice for BBQ brisket is Shiner Bock, because it has a bitter hop flavor. The sweet blend of yeast, malt and hops in Shiner Bock really complements the bold, smoked flavor of our mesquite-smoked brisket; it is not too heavy or overbearing, like some other full-flavor beers, and it allows you to savor the flavors of the meat as it melts in your mouth.

Next time you stop by one of our three barbeque locations and order brisket, consider pulling a Shiner Bock out of our ice-chest to accompany your meal. Not a Shiner Bock fan? Tell us in the comments below what your go-to beer is when you chow down on brisket.

Next up, Levi will share which brew pairs best with smoked sausage.

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