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Beer and BBQ Pairings: Part Four

We’ve given our advice on what brews pair best with sausage, brisket and chicken, so in part four of our “Beer and BBQ Pairings,” Levi shares his advice on what Texas brew to pair with pork ribs.

When it comes to pork ribs, there is one seasonal brew that pairs perfectly with these meaty and extra juicy barbequed classics. That beer would be Saint Arnold’s Oktoberfest.


When pairing ribs with beer, you want malt-forward beers that have a sweet, or roasted, flavor. You don’t want a beer that is too bitter, because that can eliminate the delicate flavors in the meat. Our ribs are sprinkled with our family’s rib rub then mesquite-smoked until tender. Levi recommends a full-bodied malt beer, like the Oktoberfest, because the slightly sweet, rich caramel flavor of the beer couples perfectly with the smoky, mesquite flavor of juicy pork ribs. We suggest dipping your ribs in our original BBQ sauce to add to the flavor profiles. The sweetness of the tomato-based sauce elevates the smoky mesquite flavor of the ribs while picking up the Oktoberfest’s sweet caramel flavors.

If you’re picking up ribs to go or ordering them online, consider swinging by your local grocery or liquor store to pick up a six-pack of Saint Arnold’s Oktoberfest. Hurry, it won’t be in stock much longer.

Stay tuned for next week’s final post where Levi shares his advice on what to drink with smoked-turkey, just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.

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