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Beer and BBQ Pairings: Part Five

We’re rounding out our Beer and BBQ pairing advice by sharing which brew to drink with your smoked-turkey this holiday season. Find out what to drink with sausage, brisket, chicken and ribs in our earlier “Beer and BBQ Pairings” posts on the Goode Texan Life blog.When it comes to

When it comes to mesquite-smoked turkey, there is only one Texas brew that doesn’t overpower the classic barbeque and poultry flavors. Levi recommends picking up some of the official beer of Texas, Lone Star, to enjoy with this holiday classic.


Pairing a beer with turkey is similar to chicken: you don’t want a beer that will overpower the taste of the meat. At Goode Company, we use the same Fowl Rub that is used on our chicken for our slow-smoked and wood-fired turkeys. A smooth and light lager is the best match for our aged and slow-roasted mesquite-smoked turkeys. The malted barley and creamy taste in Lone Star is both refreshing and complementary to the distinct flavors produced by the blend of the spices and smoked turkey meat.

If you plan on picking up your holiday turkey from one of our Thanksgiving Pie and Turkey Booths, consider adding some Lone Star beer to your holiday grocery list. You won’t be disappointed with how these two Texas classics come together for a satisfying feast.

We want to hear from you, so tell us in the comments below which Beer and BBQ classics you enjoy together.

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