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8 ways to enjoy smoked turkey

Sandwich with smoked turkey, cheese and cranberry sauce

Sandwich with smoked turkey, cheese and cranberry sauce

Looking for a few new ways to enjoy smoked turkey? While a fine batch of smoked turkey is more than perfect eaten hot or cold with no additions or distractions, it’s nice to mix things up a bit when you have the time. With these 8 ways to enjoy smoked turkey, you’re certain to have more than enough variations to keep you from getting bored—no matter how much turkey you have around.

1) Sandwiches

What better way to enjoy your smoked turkey than by piling it high on a fine sandwich? Use it anywhere you’d use any other meat for a tasty treat—if you usually use deli meats for your sandwiches, prepare to be amazed. Replace the B in BLT, the burger on your burger, toss some on a grilled cheese for a top-notch melt—?you get the idea…the options are endless.

Just don’t add it to your peanut butter and jelly unless it’s on a bet. There are some combinations no one should ever, ever attempt.

2) Salads

A light salad makes for a great side dish, but sometimes you want to punch things up a bit—that’s where smoked turkey comes in. Toss it in as big slices or finely diced, top it off with your dressing of choice, and voilà—your salad has moved from side to main course. Just make sure that you either work with chilled smoked turkey or eat very quickly—it’s amazing how fast a salad can go from a delicious, crisp meal to a wilted, disgusting mess in the presence of too much heat.

You’ll probably find this works best with vinaigrettes or various lighter dressings. If you’re feeling adventurous or need to feed a crowd, try adding turkey to your favorite salad. It adds a hint of mesquite smoke flavor and some heart-healthy protein.

3) Rice dishes

This is admittedly a broad category, but that’s because the options with turkey and rice are nearly endless. Depending on what sort of smoked turkey you’re working with, you can slot a bit of shredded or sliced turkey into an endless parade of rice dishes. Cheesy, beany, meaty, sticky or fluffy—you can do a lot with the merger of turkey and rice.

And if you don’t want to get fancy, smoked turkey and plain rice can go a long way on their own—it’s a great way to stretch that last little bit of smoked turkey into a full-blown meal.

4) Chili

Like cooking chili? Try cooking your next batch with a nice dose of smoked turkey. Whether you add it in after the fact to keep its flavor intact or cook it into the batch so its flavor permeates and adds to the whole, smoked turkey adds an amazing punch to your chili dishes. You can make it an extra tossed in with whatever your meat of choice is, or completely substitute the meat you’d normally use for a nice load of top-notch turkey. Either way, you’re in for a nice treat, and it’s easy on the waistline, too!

Just make sure you account for any extra spice or saltiness in this marriage of meals; you don’t want to end up with something too spicy or too salty to be truly delicious.

5) Soups

Whether you simply set it to the side and eat it alongside your soup as a contrast and complement, or add it directly in sliced, shredded, or diced form, smoked turkey can help take a boring soup and add entirely new dimensions. Try adding it to your favorite chowder. And it’s hard to pass up a bowl of turkey gumbo.

6) Hash

This is the breakfast of champions for people who have leftovers, because a good hash can always do with a bit of smoked turkey. Just don’t let the fine taste of the turkey get buried beneath whatever else you see fit to add; it’s a fine meat, not a filler, so play to its strengths instead of adding it to the pile. That leaves you plenty of hash staples, of course; onions, potatoes, eggs, chives, corn, get creative and make a messy, delicious, simple meal for yourself.

7) Casserole

If smoked meats and casserole seem like incompatible concepts to you, you’re missing out on a lot of culinary fun. Many casseroles can benefit greatly from the presence of turkey as an addition or a side. Whether it’s finely diced and added to infuse flavor, splayed atop in thin slices to offer up a punch, or simply served alongside as a contrast or complement, you’re certain to see things anew once you give this combination a try.

8) Tex-Mex dishes

Good Tex-Mex is all about making the best possible combination of Mexican and American cuisine, and what could possibly be more American than good barbeque? Very few things can spice up a quesadilla quite as effectively and deliciously as some smoked turkey. It also works great in your fajitas, burritos, enchiladas, and anything else you might cook up.

Still need more ways to enjoy your smoked turkey? Get creative! Anything you can use meat in, you can use smoked turkey to great effect with a bit of creativity; add it to your greens, wrap it up with lettuce and mustard, include it in a quiche, or make a pot pie. The sky is the limit with a fine batch of turkey, so don’t settle for the mundane.

Goode Co. BBQ Hall of Flame offers up delicious mesquite smoked turkey during the holidays as a seasonal item. If you’re craving smoked turkey breast now, be sure to stop by in person at one of our Houston-area BBQ restaurants. Better yet, order a little extra and take the leftovers home to share with family and try some of the great ideas above.



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