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5 Times Pralines Made Life Sweeter

Hawaii has its chocolate-covered macadamia clusters and saltwater taffy is the signature sweet of New Jersey’s Atlantic City. In Texas, we have pralines packed with pecans and held together with buttery caramel that melts away into a delicious memory. While the exact recipe differs from kitchen to kitchen, Goode Co. believes that like all of the best things in life, pralines should be substantially sized and made with nothing but love and the highest quality ingredients. That’s why we make each of our pecan pralines by hand and package them individually for you to unwrap, one by one. Whether you buy one of our Praline Delight boxes as a special present for a loved one or just several pralines for yourself, you’ll find that a few creamy crunchy bites are enough to make any day delightful.

How do we like to enjoy our Goode pralines? Here are our favorite ways:

1) Sprinkled over other desserts

If you’re looking to dress up dessert, praline crumbles are exactly what you need. Simply place a praline in the freezer for 10 minutes to make sure its hardened and then smash it into smithereens. Sprinkle a handful over a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a banana split, or on top of a freshly frosted cake. You’ll find that our praline crumbles add a touch of delicious crunch when mixed into brownie batter or sprinkled on top of a slice of hot apple pie. Adding praline crumbles is so easy and fun that your kids will be eager to help you serve dessert ­– especially if it means sharing leftover crumbles with you.

2) With a digestif

Pecan pralines make the perfect after-dinner dessert. Pair a pecan praline with an after-dinner drink and let yourself relax and unwind into a state of sweet bliss.

3) In the middle of a workday

Whether you’re facing a day filled with back-to-back meetings or you’re determined to finally clean out your inbox, a busy day at work means you’re going to need an extra boost to keep you energized and focused throughout the day. Turn your sights away from the vending machine and towards those pecan pralines you’ve stashed in your drawer. Unlike vending machine snacks, which are packed with preservatives and artificial flavorings, Goode pecan pralines are made with Texas pecans, cream, brown sugar, and not much else. Just a few bites are enough to satisfy the midday munchies and keep the brain juices flowing.

4) On a Picnic

If you’ve ever packed a picnic, you’ll know how careful you have to be to pack foods that can withstand a few hours in the sunshine. Desserts can be especially tricky – you can’t pack anything that will melt, easily crumble, or drip. This means that ice cream, chocolate, and anything with frosting is out of the question. Luckily, you won’t have to worry about any of these problems with our pecan pralines. Enjoy them crisp and crunchy from being stored in a cool place, or soft and creamy from the sun’s warmth. Bite into a praline and you may just find yourself falling in love with its irresistible goodness.

5) Shared with a loved one

When you receive your first purchase of Goode pecan pralines, you may find yourself wondering why we decided to make them so big. We wanted to make sure you get plenty of the good stuff. The story goes that pralines were created to woo ladies and win their hearts with a dainty and delicious treat. Today, we know that when you’re having a good time with a loved one, either with a heart-to-heart talk or a good movie, you’re bound to get a little hangry. So instead of pausing the fun to fix a snack, just unwrap one of our hefty pecan pralines. You’ll find the crunchiness of the pecans and creaminess of the caramel satisfies any craving and may even become a cherished tradition among your friends.



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