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5 Occasions to Enjoy Texas Pecan Pie

Look at any map of Texas and you’ll notice a river running through the entire state. This river, which runs from the northwest to the southeast of Texas for more than 800 miles, is the mighty Brazos River. Why should we care about it? Because its silt and nutrients nourish the best pecans in the world.

Some may complain that these are tough nuts to crack—after all, they’re smaller than the newer, genetically modified types and have a thicker, tougher shell. But when lovingly cracked, they provide the mainstay of Goode Company’s signature Brazos Bottom Pecan Pies. After one taste, we’re sure you’ll agree that they’re worth the effort, and then some.

So what’s the best way to enjoy one of our extraordinary, award-winning pecan pies? Here’s what we suggest.


1) As a special way to say “I love you,” “Thank you,” or “We miss you” 

Whether you’re planning on sending a pie to your homesick niece who is in the middle of her first semester away at college, your best friend who had to relocate to another state to chase after her career, or your brother who just can’t make it to your family reunion this year, your Texas Pecan Pie package from Goode Company is sure to be a delightful surprise.

Just the sight of the emblazoned pine box is sure to make the recipient’s heart race with anticipation. When they pick it up, they find assurance in the comforting heft that comes from the generous amounts of Texas pecans and luscious filling that fills our pies to the brim. Once they slide off the lid, they might not notice all the intricacies of our specially designed packaging, but they’re sure to appreciate this perfect pie without a crumb out of place. And when they finally take their first bite, they taste the love and care we put into this delicacy, and the love and care you sent along with this delightful surprise.

For many different reasons, our Brazos Bottom Pecan Pie is the pie that has been known to make people cry for joy.


2) As a gracious gift

What can you give to someone who has everything? Many of our clients have told us that our delicious Brazos Bottom pecan pies have become their go-to gifts for all occasions. From foreign dignitaries to movie stars and professional athletes, we’ve heard of people from all walks of life receiving our pies and loving them.

It may have to do with their appreciation of the little things that take a lot of effort. That’s why all our pies are baked by our in-house pie experts. (Yes, we have pie experts whose sole job is to focus on baking the perfect pies). Of course, they only contain the freshest ingredients. Once they’re sufficiently cooled, they’re hand-packed in our custom designed gift boxes and delivered straight to your recipient’s doorstep—sometimes while they’ll still warm!


3) As a midnight snack

While our pecan pies are divine at any time of the day, a slice devoured in the middle of the night has a special deliciousness. Whether you’re finally getting home after a grueling day at work, in the middle of studying for an exam, or just can’t seem to fall asleep, a comfortingly big slice of our Brazos Bottom Pecan Pie may be just what you need to end your day on a sweet note.

Simply warm a slice in the oven (if you can stand the wait) or microwave—or enjoy it straight from the refrigerator. Whether you choose to pair your snack with a tall glass of milk that will help you get a good night’s sleep or a big mug of coffee that will administer the caffeine you need to stay awake for a few more hours, both are excellent sidekicks for a hearty slice of our Texas pecan pie.


4) As a mid-afternoon endorphin rush

When your kids come home, ready for a snack, why not offer them a slice of pecan pie as a special treat? Not only are they tasty, but pecans are packed with heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids and are on the USDA’s list of the top 15 foods with the highest antioxidant capacity. Simply put, pecans are a superfood that boosts brain function so your kids will be ready to plow through their studies.

In addition to these wonderful nuts, our pies also contain only the freshest ingredients. We use farm-fresh eggs and other real ingredients without any artificial preservatives or flavorings so you can let your kids enjoy a second slice of pie.


5) As the grand finale to a very special meal

Anyone who has hosted a dinner party knows that dessert is a difficult course to pull off successfully. While it’s inevitable that your guests will be less enthusiastic after they’ve enjoyed an enormous amount of appetizers, main courses, and side dishes, it can be disappointing when everyone claims that they’re too full to enjoy even a bite of your special dessert.

Not so with our Brazos Bottom Pecan Pie. Simply keep it warming in your oven throughout the meal and let the tantalizing fragrance tickle your guests’ noses. When they ask you about it, shrug nonchalantly and mention that it’s only the pecan pie that was featured in Oprah’s O Magazine. If they’re still unable to find room for dessert, we know you won’t really mind. It just means there’s that much more left for you.



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