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20 Things Texans Love

“You might give some serious thought to thanking your lucky stars you’re in Texas.”

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we’re sharing a handful of the things we love most about the Lone Star State.

1. The Alamo
The pivotal piece of Texas history that no Texan could ever forget… Remember the Alamo!

The Alamo
Photo from The Alamo – Authorized Page

2. BBQ, especially Brisket
Slow smoked over mesquite, is there anything finer than Texas BBQ? You’d be hard pressed to find a bond stronger than a Texan and his or her love of BBQ.

Goode Company BBQ Full plate
Photo from Goode Company BBQ 

3. Blue Bell Ice Cream
The state’s unofficial official ice cream: if you don’t love Blue Bell, get out.

Photo from 303 Magazine 

4. Bluebonnets
If you’re Texan, you’ve taken a handful of photos of you sitting in a field of these Texas beauties. Is it bluebonnet season yet?

Photo from Texas Parks and Wildlife

5. Breakfast Tacos
A whole bunch of Texas goodness wrapped in a perfect soft tortilla.

Photo from HomeSick Texan

6. Bucc-ee’s and Beaver Nuggets
If you’ve road tripped in Texas, you know the importance of these bad boys.

Photo from A Tale of Two Cities

7. Cowboy Boots
A necessity in any Texan’s wardrobe.

Photo from Goode Company BBQ 

8. Dr Pepper
Only Dr Pepper and never Mr. Pibb.

Photo from Michelle Ramey

9. Football
It’s a religion in this neck of the woods.

Photo from Surely It John 

10.George Strait
One of the finest gentlemen to ever call Texas home.

Photo from UMG Nashville

11. Gruene Dance Hall
Live music, two steppin’ and a whole lot of good times all wrapped up in Texas’ oldest dance hall.

Photo from Prone to Wander

12. H-E-B
Any grocery store that has Texas-shaped chips counts as a win for us.

texas chips
Photo from Travel Girl Stacy

13. Houston Rodeo
Live music, cowboys, rodeo, beer and food…what’s not to love about this Houston institution?

 N5 Dodge Hills
Photo from Barnes PRCA Rodeo

14. Kolaches
Love at first bite.

Photo from Flavor Boulevard

15. Longhorns
The reason people don’t mess with Texas. We can’t help but smile when we see a beautiful longhorn.

Photo from Dickerson Cattle Co LLC

16. Pecan Pie
A Texas pecan pie is chocked full of fresh pecans harvested from the banks of the Brazos River and bigger, gooier and richer than any other dessert out there. A little slice of heaven.

Goode Company Brazos Bottom Pecan Pie
Photo from Goode Company BBQ

17. Queso
Liquid gold that deserves it’s own spot in the food pyramid.

 TAQ Dips
Photo from Goode Company BBQ 

18. Shiner Beer
Thanking our lucky stars we have a nice cold Shiner Beer.

Photo from Goode Company BBQ

19. Texas State Pride
It makes our heart skip a beat when we think of all the pride we Texans carry with us.

Photo from Goode Company BBQ

20. Two Steppin’
There is something magical about spinning around the dance floor.

Photo from The Dance Shack

We could go on and on about all the ways Texas stole our hearts, but we’d be here all day. While love is in the air this week, share what you love most about Texas with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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